From the Archives: Revelators Tactical Squad

Today I thought I’d show a Tactical Squad of my homebrew Space Marine chapter, Revelators.

The squad was a slow project, as it took roughly a year to get from start to finish. I started it right after the Cultists from last post (well, I did some color tests in-between, more on those later), finished the first five around May-June of 2018, and then finally the last five in September, just in time to take part for the first time in Azazel’s monthly hobby challenge.

I guess the biggest reason for not getting them done sooner was the chapter symbol, that I only decided on last spring (another reason was Shadespire..). I had settled on the name Revelators (color scheme was a modification of the Revilers chapters, name would be close too), and wanted the icon to be based on light, so I had ideas of flames, torches or sun/halo emblems. However, if I chose a custom design, I’d have to freehand it many, many times and I just wasn’t/am not ready for that. I found that the Heresy-era Thousand Sons emblem looked suitable and was cheaply available from eBay, so I went with those.

As I mentioned, I did some color tests before starting on the squad. One was an orange marine done just for fun, the other one a proto-Revelator. In the final design I changed the lenses from red to blue (thanks, orange marine!), and went with a different shade of gold. I ended up spray varnishing these models, like the Cultists, with the same results. Amusingly, the orange marine’s shoulder pauldrons and power pack exhausts look exactly like orange peel!


14 thoughts on “From the Archives: Revelators Tactical Squad

  1. As I’ve said elsewhere – these guys look amazing. Any plans to modify the proto-Revelator into a matching battle-brother, and perhaps the rest of his squad?


    1. Thanks again Az! No plans to modify him, he’ll be kept as a memento. I have a couple of the marines left, unpainted, from the BfM. I have been thinking about including them in my Revelators, mixed into multipart Tac Squads, but I would have to do some work to fix the shoulder pads which I’ve fudged up when cutting them from sprue.. The missile launcher guy should be okay though, just needing a 32mm base, but the regular backpack would stick out a bit. We’ll see 🙂


      1. Cool, I look forward to seeing those Devastators! Love the smooth look of the armour you’ve got there, and the joints are really articulately done, looks amazing 😀


    1. Thanks John! While it’s a simple scheme, it’s pretty time consuming to paint! But the result is worth it. At some point I think I need to experiment on how to speed up the process..


    1. Thanks IRO! It’s the same for me, and with these models I thought I’d go for it as I don’t have to paint them fast. I’m glad though that I didn’t put any more yellow on the scheme, as it’s a bit of a bitch to paint. Half a helmet is quite enough! Look nice though when ready.

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      1. Yellow is a tough one to paint. As a matter of fact I’ve been experimenting with getting a deeper yellow lately. I used Zandri Dust from GW as a base coat and found that works pretty well.


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