WIP: Imperial Skaven

Another week and no new finished models.. Oh well, maybe next week. But in the interest of showing something more recent than stuff from my teenage years (there’s still some to share!), take a look at my most recent models! I know I said in my first post that I’d only showcase finished models (as in “painted”), but let’s count “assembled” as a finished state, shall we?

A good while ago I came across a a tutorial on how to build a WH40k Imperial Skaven by Eric Sexton. I liked the idea very much and eventually got some Cadians and Plague Monks of eBay. Last week I actually started assembling them, and built three test models: a sergeant, a riflerat and a rat with a flamer. I’m very happy with how the little group came out, I like the poses and the bits that I used, everything fit without problems and the anatomy (neck, specifically) seems pretty natural.

I did have to repose the riflerat’s head, as it was originally too high and looked awkward. It was also facing to the left, which I changed in this second/final version. I did end up sculpting the neck twice, but it didn’t take too long, was good practice, and again, I’m much happier with the result. I’m now debating on whether to resculpt the sarge’s neck and give him a collar like the two others have.

I’ve got bits for two more Skaven, but I think I’m saving those for now. My eventual goal for these guys is to create a Kill Team-sized group, so around 10-15 models. I don’t play the game though and don’t know much about the rules, so they might not be a legal team. “Rule of Cool”. I’ll paint these guys up before building any more (and probably have to get some new bits..). Still haven’t settled on a paint scheme, though I’m currently leaning on something Cadian-esque. I’m open to suggestions!

Oh yeah, what’s up with the bases? With these models I thought that I’d go into a bold, new direction, and would paint the models separate from their bases. For ease of painting I superglued the rats to some spare bases. For the actual bases I wanted to try something other than my goto sandy bases, and went for an industrial look. They were really fun to build, and should be equally fun to paint!

Finally, I’m counting these guys for a square in the bingo card. They could’ve worked for a lot of different squares, but I went with “sculpt something on a model”, as doing the necks was more than just gap-filling (not much, but still).

18 thoughts on “WIP: Imperial Skaven

  1. I must say, I really enjoy your blog posts, they’re very thoughtful and well written.

    The models here look really good, it’s nice to see a good conversion/kit-bash and the ideas and work behind them!

    I look forward to seeing them painted up too~


    1. Thank you, that means a lot! While I don’t consider myself much of a writer, I do try to put effort into these posts. I’m glad it comes through!


  2. Cool man, these are great and very much my cup of tea… blerr… apart from the rat hair caught in my teeth. I like how you’ve still managed to give them a hunched over look. Love the bases too and might even give something like that a go myself. 👍🏼 IRO


    1. Thanks IRO! The hunched pose came very naturally by cutting the Plague Monk body following their belts (it’s at an angle) and gluing an IG body in its place. It’s not as hunched as the original Monks, but works well. I could also experiment with the angle a bit more on the future models..
      The bases were much fun to do, go for it! I’m looking forward to doing some bigger bases in this style in the future.

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      1. Could work pretty well! I’ve been trying to come up with an idea on how to use the skaven bodies and IG legs that are left over. With some greenstuff, they could make a nice base for a cultist..

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  3. I saw these guys on my phone back when you posted them up initially and thought that they were a really nice set of kitbashes. What’s next for them? Paint, or more to join the ranks before they get to that stage?


    1. Cheers! Most likely paint, they’re already primed and ready to go. But I also saw some cool autogun conversions on Dakka, which I’m eager to try myself, so you never know..


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