Revelators Captain, Collection So Far

Oh yes, my marine Captain is finally finished! With that, I’ve finished what roughly equates to a Start Collecting! box plus some extras, giving me a game legal army (at least what was legal back in 4th..). I’m not planning on playing any time soon, of course, but that’s neither here or there..

This model was converted way back in November last year, and as those who were in the hobby in the 3rd ed. era might recognize, he’s based on the old metal Captain model that came in the Command Squad box. I planned the kitbash/conversion for a long time, but basically I noticed that you could get the plastic Captain to look pretty close to the old metal one just by finding an appropriate head. I think the one I used is from some Primaris kit. I also did a small alteration to the armor: I added the collar and the studs in it to get a closer resemblance to the original. There are some differences, of course, like the backpack which I like more than the basic design.

As this was a special model, I wanted to do something different with the painting. I’d seen Ben Komets’ tutorial on a 2 hour “tabletop” Ultramarine, and inspired by it I thought I’d try to do some panel modulation on the armor. Nothing like proper NMM, but maybe something shinier than the regular grunts. I also wanted to do something with the cloak, and decided to try freehanding the chapter badge in there. Needless to say, painting this guy took quite a bit more than 2 hours to finish, but I’m pretty pleased with myself anyway. Painting the armor was actually quite fun, and while I suspect it took longer than my previous marines, it didn’t feel like it. One cool thing is that I didn’t use any washes on the gray armor!

I got the freehand on the cloak done without too much issues. I did have to repaint the small triangular rays, as I initially their position was off, but that was pretty much it. White design on black had me worried in the beginning, but starting with Celestra Grey and working up from there seemed to work well. The face was fun to paint once again, and I tried some new things there as well. I tried doing the “eye liner” to define the eyes better, and used dark brown and off-white instead of black and white. I think the result is nice, although in the close-up the eyes look maybe a bit too wide. Good enough, I say!

Above you can see the Captain with his Veteran Sergeant (write-up pending), another plastic tribute to the 3rd ed. Command Squad box. And as I mentioned in a comment on a previous post, I took a photo of my fledgling Space Marine army. They’re starting to look respectable! In addition to the Captain, there’s a Tactical Squad, an Ironclad, a Devastator Squad, the Veteran Sergeant mentioned above and the Sergeant from Battle for Macragge starter set (again, write-up pending).

And last but not least, another square claimed in the bingo card! The Captain was a new version of one of my old character models (see the old version in the post about my Ultramarine army). With his power armor he also counts for Azazel’s Mechanismo May challenge.

19 thoughts on “Revelators Captain, Collection So Far

    1. Thanks John! I’m glad you like the cloak. It’s a pretty flat cloak, with no sharp folds, and I feel I struggle a bit with those. I have an urge to highlight, but can’t easily decide where to do it..
      If you’re referring to my technical skill in painting gray and yellow, much obliged! Yellow especially requires patience!


  1. Outstanding work as always! Excellent work on the cloak, and the army shot is awesome 👏 that veteran serge is a very cool model, could always use him as a lieutenant in terms of rules I guess?


    1. Thank you Steve, much appreciated! Lieutenants are all Primaris right? I wouldn’t have any objections to proxying, just say that he has a bolt rifle (or whatever they should be equipped with). The only thing I could see someone having a problem with is the smaller base.

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      1. As far as I know, they can be either. I remember seeing a post showing a page from the newer codex where there were two entries, one for lieutenant and one for primaris lieutenant, I built one of each just to be safe haha


      2. Better to be safe than sorry! 😀 I don’t own any recent rulebooks or codexes, all I’ve got is an app called “Armies40k”, which seems to be pretty comprehensive about the profiles, but clearly there might be some gaps..

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      3. I’ll maybe grab that app, I stopped buying codices after GW started releasing a new one every year. Can’t really afford to upgrade my codex every 12 months so I’m just finding what I can online 😀


    1. Cheers Mikko! My photography setup is not very impressive, but I too like the results. This might be a good topic for a future blog post, but here’s the “short” version: I shoot with an old DSLR (Nikon D3000) using RAW. I use a cheap tripod, and have two pretty bad lights. The other is a very bright, white “spotlight”, the other dimmer and more yellow desk lamp. I put the spotlight right behind the camera pointing at the model, the desk lamp behind the model. The white backdrop is just printer paper propped up with a book.

      I try to get the white balance and brightness as natural as possible when taking the pic, but I always edit the RAW shot with Photoshop (basically just clicking the auto settings:).

      The problems are that I have to set up each time, and with my lamps + light coming from windows, getting consistent images is somewhat tough (you can see the “white” background is always a bit different shade of gray or cream). The setup works okay for single minis or small groups, but the lights are not suitable for army shots. The army shot above is actually taken without lamps, just upping the shutter time.

      I’d like to get a gray card and some better lamps, but we’ll see when that happens.

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    1. Great to see you stopping by Ron! I also like the scheme, though I think it’s partly due to everything working well with gray! Or, taking it further, a neutral color + a vibrant spot color usually works well.

      Shading the cloak was a bit intimidating, but I felt it had to be done with such a big design. And I suppose in a way color variation makes it easier to hide issues with smoothness.. I’m in no hurry to shade the small transfers though!


  2. Huh, I thought I’d commented here already. I guess it got missed in the blue of life (also, I tend not to write comments when I look at models on my phone when out & about, so maybe it got missed there!) Regardless, great work as always here – what do you have planned for the next models?


    1. Thank you very much ssspectre, and welcome to the blog! Right now I’m on a bit of a break from the Revelators, as I’m focusing on other models, but will get back to them eventually. I’ve got some ideas for scouts, but need to get some more bits first..


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