Stormsire’s Cursebreakers

With all that’s been going on IRL, these guys have taken quite a while to complete. Still, after a month and a half on my painting desk, Stormsire’s Cursebreakers are at long last done.

Model-wise, there’s not much to say as they’re a stock Nightvault warband. Nice models. I had to do some gap filling, which didn’t come out super smooth as I only had greenstuff and it wasn’t ideal for the job. I’ve since bought Milliput, which is maybe better? We’ll see in the future, once I get to try it out..

For the paint scheme I chose the Silverlions, as I’ve done with all my Stormcast, but changed the red cloth to purple, which helps to differentiate the SCE warbands on the board. I also got lazy with the gold, and tried just drybrushing it. This, along with using a brown wash gave a more worn look. It’s also closer to what Thilo Engels did with his original scheme.

Another new-ish thing I tried with these models was to practice blends, mainly with the hair on Ammis and Rastus, and the flame on Stormsire’s hand. I chose to paint the hairdos on Ammis and Rastus differently, again for easier identification on the board. Both started from purple, but on Ammis the color transitions to pink, and on Rastus to blue. I think the colors work pretty well, as they’re found in other parts of the models: blue on the glass vials, pink on the weapon straps. Also, stereotypical boy/girl colors 🙂

Most examples of Stormsire’s flame I’ve seen have been in some “magical” color. Cheap parlor tricks, I say. I thought that real(-ish) fire would complement the rest of the color scheme best, and I’m pretty happy with the result. To complement the fire, and to draw attention to Stormsire’s head I wanted to try red hair. Not quite as intense color as on dwarfs, but still reading as ginger. The image on my head was of the GoT Tormund Giantsbane, which I think I achieved, as my wife looked at the model and said “looks quite like the wildling boss man from GoT.”

Finally, by completing this warband I also finished my Nightvault core set, and claimed another square in the hobby bingo (“Paint all minis in a board game and play it”)! I’ve done the tasks in reverse order, as I played the game before painting the models, but I’ll still count it. Hopefully I get to play again before the end of the year though!

7 thoughts on “Stormsire’s Cursebreakers

  1. Those really are excellent minis! That purple looks great! I’ve used Milliput for years and found it easier to manipulate than greenstuff, but once it’s wet it just will not stick (but it shaped well when its dampened)!

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    1. Much appreciated John! Thanks for the MP tip. I was hoping that mixing it with water would allow for easy filling of small gaps, but I’ll have to see if it sticks then. I think I’ll try it out with a piece of sprue before using it on a model.

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  2. I find myself completely agreeing with John, the purple is excellent and these sculpts actually have a bit of individual character, something that is lacking with many of the stormcast. In fairness you could say that about many of the war bands vs the stock GW range and it’s probably why I’m drawn to them.

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    1. Thank you very much, and sorry for the late reply! Yeah, the vanilla SCE aren’t too individualistic, though the sacrosanct chamber seems to improve that a bit, with more bare heads and women too. Of course you could say that with everyone wearing emotionless death masks the lack of individuality was by design! But thankfully there are these UW teams with a lot of character and recognizable silhouettes!

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  3. Yeah, agreement with the others on just how good and effective the paint scheme on these three looks and works. You’re not doing me any favours at all with so many great-looking Stormcast schemes, though…
    The fire looks great – I’ll have to steal that specking trick – and I love the strong highlight in the Ginger’s hair!


    1. Haha! 😀 Thanks a lot!
      I was very happy with the flames as well, especially as it was my first try. I might work on the smoothness in the future, but it’s fine from a reasonable viewing distance. When painting the sparks, I did way too many at first, and had to paint over most of them! Less is more, it seems.


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