Ork Boyz

Just before Orktober turns to November, I’ve managed to complete the Herculean task of.. Painting two Slugga Boyz. Well, progress is progress, and at least I get to submit a token entry for Azazel’s monthly challenge.

This month the challenge was two-fold: Orks or neglected models. These models qualify for both, as they started their lives quite a while ago. I actually built the models and started painting them around 15 years ago, but as my interest in miniatures was waning at the time they were left unfinished. This was a shame as I thought that these were some of my favorite conversions I had done (especially proud of the helmeted head with an open mouth). Well, last Orktober I set out to paint them. I stripped the old paint off, based and primed them, and started with the painting. I quickly got distracted by another project, however, and despite thinking that I’d go back and finish the Boyz pretty soon, here we are a year later 😀

I used the same main scheme that I used on the Ironskull’s Boyz. I think that greenskins look pretty good in orange, and haven’t seen too many examples by other painters. Maybe it’s because orange is a bit of a pain to paint.. If I’d ever end up building a whole army of Orks, I’d probably not go for orange, but for a couple models it’s alright. I did try to speed up my painting a bit, as if to practice painting a bigger group, but also because I was a bit strapped for time this month. All in all, these two guys didn’t take super long to complete by my standards, and were fun to paint. I still have one Boy primed, and a couple on sprue, so sooner or later I’ll return to the orange Waaagh! (working title). Probably in Orktober 2020 🙂

Oh yeah, I tried removing the background completely from the photos, to get a true white background. How do you like it?

24 thoughts on “Ork Boyz

  1. The orange looks really good.
    I am most impressed by the spikes on helmet-y Orks shoulder and how chipped the paint looks, it’s very natural.
    Great work.

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    1. Thanks Jenn! The chipping was all done with a brush, and not with a sponge like on the orruks. I was a bit worried if I was going to get a good, random/natural-looking chipping effect, but thankfully it seemed to work out great, at least in most places.


    1. Thanks John! There was a moment during painting that I was doubting the orange, but the washes and the highlights really pulled the models together.


  2. Hey mate, wanted to comment on your Ork Dread earlier, but the comments seem to be turned off for all the posts after this one — was this a conscious decision? All the best, KS


  3. That orange really pops against the green skin. Is the plan to update any of the old Deathskullz boys or just go new with these ones?


    1. Thanks, I think so too!
      At least for now I’m not going to touch any of my Deathskullz, they’ll be a reminder of my teenage painting skills. I don’t have a set plan for the current Orange Boyz (working title), so I’ll add new models when I get to them. It’s also a good way to check out the “new” kits that weren’t around back then (basically everything available now:D).


    1. Thank you Sam! I don’t mind at all, it’s not really my original recipe anyway. The original’s from Tale of Painter’s Amy. I just replaced Lugganath Orange with Fire Dragon Bright, as I don’t own LO. So the steps are:

      Basecoat Jokaero Orange
      Layer over it with Troll Slayer Orange
      Recess shade with Reikland Fleshshade
      Highlight with Fire Dragon Bright
      Glaze the whole thing with a 1:1 mix of Bloodletter and Lamenters Yellow
      Paint chipping with Rhinox Hide and bright silver

      The GW glazes are sadly OOP now, so if you don’t have them, you’ll have to come up with another orange glaze (or leave it out). Gryph-Hound Orange from the Contrast range might work well, though I can’t tell from experience.

      Hope this helps, and good luck with your models!


  4. Really loving your ork boyz and gaz.

    I must know your orange recipe, if you’re happy to share that is!


    1. Much appreciated Zaek!
      Always happy to share! A couple of other people have also asked for the recipe in the comments, and I’ve posted it both here and the other boyz-post. Check my response to Sam, right above your comment!


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