Wrapping Up 2019

All right, one final post to finish the year. Let’s look at what I managed to paint during 2019!

Above you can see the tally (apologies for the photo quality, my setup still isn’t ideal for big group shots). When they’re all brought out like this it.. Doesn’t actually look like much. But I’m very happy with each and every one of them, and with space (and wife’s tolerance) being a limited commodity I think my output has been just right!

All in all, I finished 57 models, which was about the same as last year, and more than a model per week on average, which was my target at the beginning of the year. Here’s a list of all the models and links to their corresponding showcase posts:

So yeah, not too shabby. During the past year I’ve embarked on a number of new (slow-grow) projects, such as the Astra Rodentia and Orks. I’ve also continued adding to older ones, such as my Revelators Space Marines, Underworlds warbands and working on the AoS 1st edition starter set. I’ve upped my weathering game and dabbled on more complex freehand designs than last year. I got to say that painting various projects with different color schemes and mixing things up with new techniques definitely helps to keep things fresh and motivating.

Speaking of motivation, there were/are two bloggers that deserve much credit for influencing me to pick the projects that I did and actually getting them done in a timely fashion! One is of course Azazel with his monthly hobby challenges. I did have a little time management mishap and missed one month’s deadline, but for the other 11 I got at least one miniature done.

The other blogger is Rob Hawkins, whose hobby bingo card has been a fun additional game on top of finishing models. Below you can see my finished card for the year. After finishing my last miniature of 2019 I looked at the card and noticed that I had painted some models that hadn’t been used for the card even though they could’ve been. I used the two SCE squads to cross off two additional squares, but even with that I couldn’t get a bingo. No matter though, I’ll try again next year with a little more ambition, and try to get at least that one bingo!

Of course, there’s still one more blogger that I shouldn’t forget when it comes to motivation: me! I started the blog this January, and actually have hard time believing I’ve gotten it this far. Sharing my work here and getting amazing feedback from you guys has pushed me to paint and finish stuff much more consistently than I otherwise would. So thank you, reader, for taking a look and commenting!

Going forward, I don’t think I can keep up the “almost weekly” post schedule for too much longer. This year, pretty much half of my posts have been showcasing my older work from 2017-18, and even my teens. While I still have some of those left, I won’t have many “padding” posts to put in between new finished models. Most likely my posting will just get more sporadic, but we’ll see how it goes in time..

And that’s it for 2019! Here’s hoping for an even better 2020! I already have some great models in the queue and many plans in my head, hopefully I’ll have enough time to transform many of those into finished minis!

13 thoughts on “Wrapping Up 2019

  1. Nice to see this year’s painted minis all together! All very nice! Here’s hoping 2020 is a good year for you as well! I’m expecting a slow start to painting and blogging from myself next year while I get on with preparing figures!


    1. Thank you very much John! It was fun taking out all the models from the cabinet, and as I didn’t paint hundreds, it was still manageable ๐Ÿ˜€ It might be a bit of a lull for me as well, what with all the relative visiting during the holidays and no time for the hobby. But I’ve set my eyes on a couple of single figures which could be relatively fast to paint once I get some time.. Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to what you get up to, even if it takes a bit of time!


  2. Congratulations on an excellent first year of blogging — and on some gorgeous paintwork! The Astra Rodentum are a concept that shouldn’t work but does, mostly thanks to your excellent brushwork. And though I didn’t remark on it back when you posted them, those Revelators are rather lovely as well, especially the somewhat more heavyset Devastator squad!

    Keep up the fantastic work! ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Thank you KS, that’s high praise indeed! I’ve been meaning to get back to the Revelators for the last six months or so, but there’s always been some other cool minis that I’ve “had” to do first ๐Ÿ˜€ Maybe February is the month for the Scouts..


  3. Congratulations on a great first year blogging, I think you done some really great work. My favorite has to be your guard Skaven they work so well, I do hope you add to them in the new year.


    1. Thank you very much LCE! And congrats to you as well! The Skaven are probably my favorites as well, and I’ll definitely add a bunch of models to their ranks during the year.

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  4. Nice to see all the models in one place. I think your output was good, especially given the quality of them and we all understand having to juggle hobby and respective other halves!


    1. Cheers! Yeah, I’m happy with the quality and the quantity too, especially now that I’m starting to run out of display space! It’s just that there’s always the next cool project(s) that you have in mind, and didn’t get to yet.. ๐Ÿ™‚


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