Poxwalkers; Experimenting with Contrast

So I’ve jumped aboard the Contrast train! I wanted something simple to test the new paints on, and what better candidates could there be than the humble Poxwalkers. These guys are also my submission to March Might & Magic painting challenge, more on which later.

I’ve been interested in the Contrast paints for some time now. Not for using them exclusively to paint minis, but to speed up the painting process in some areas. The greatest sources of inspiration for this have been Vince Venturella, Darren Latham (channel will close in May, go watch the videos if you haven’t already) and most recently JuanHidalgo with his ‘Eavy Contrast tutorial series. They all show great examples of how to use Contrast for basecoating or effects, and more traditional paints to refine and finish a model.

About a week ago I went to the FLGS and bought a box of easy-to-build Poxwalkers and a bunch of Contrast pots (not cheap..). I decided that I’d revisit the zenithal undercoating, and at the same time try out how that works for multiple figures simultaneously. Well, multiple minis seemed to be fine, but I had some problems with my rattle cans: the gray one clogged which left me with black and white only, and I ended up messing the white and creating a bit of texture on the models. (Here you can see the rest of the walkers, in their primed state.) Well, it’s Nurgle so not too fuzzed about it.. Of course, it probably affected the flow of the Contrast paint to some extent. Oh yeah, I’m using regular automotive primers, not the GW recommended ones.

Painting with the Contrast paints was very enjoyable and in about half an hour I got a model all basecoated apart from metallic parts which I wanted to do with TMM paints. The result looked pretty good actually, and if I’d have to paint dozens of these for playing games I’d happily leave them at that. As I don’t, I spent an additional half an hour per model to refine the paintjob. I layered, or rather glazed the larger surfaces of skin with Flayed One Flesh and then highlighted everything with Pallid Wytch Flesh. The pink tentacles and the orange cloth also got some layering, and the yellow pustules got a glaze of the now OOP Lamenter’s Yellow. Finally, a further 30 minutes were spent painting the metallics (Vallejo Metal Colors, Typhus Corrosion and Ryza Rust) and the base.

So all together, it was around an hour and a half per model, which I suppose is not all that quick, but I reckon a lot faster than what I could’ve done with traditional paints only. I’m calling this experiment a success, will surely use the paints for other models as well. For example, I have the Shadespire dwarf team still on my to-do list, and I now think that I’ll employ Contrast paints for the majority of the models.

I’ll also use these fellers to claim a square in the bingo: paint a model in a color scheme you don’t normally use. So far I’ve painted very few mostly naked models, much less Nurgle afflicted ones, so I think this counts. Furthermore, as I said at the start of the post, I’ll enter these models to a painting challenge organized by Ann of Ann’s Immaterium. The topic this month was “Might & Magic”, which could be freely interpreted by the painter. I see the Poxwalkers as the lowly embodiments of Nurgle’s might, and there’s at least a little magic involved as their disease-ridden bodies are blessings from a plague god.


15 thoughts on “Poxwalkers; Experimenting with Contrast

  1. These came out looking really good and I’m sure Grandfather Nurgle would agree they are lovely! Thank you for gracing my first painting challenge with their delicious goodness! 🙂

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    1. Much appreciated! I was very happy to enter the challenge, I haven’t done any community stuff in quite a while and that’s a shame. Looking forward to what you do with the round-up post, as well as the next challenge!

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  2. Nice work! Always interested to hear how people end up using Contrast paints. I would love to hear your recipe for the tentacles, as I have some I need to tackle.


    1. Thank you Faust, and welcome to the blog!

      Sure you can have the recipe, it’s a simple one: (I think I started with Guilliman Flesh for the tentacles as well), then two of coats of Volupus Pink so that it blends nicely with GF. I then layered/highlighted the top-facing surfaces with Pink Horror, and finally small highlights with Pallid Wytch Flesh. Hope this helps!

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      1. Thanks, that will certainly be helpful! I did one with some Gulliman Flesh, Cadian Fleshtone, and then started blending some Shyish Purple to give it a dark purplish transition. But I want to do some pink tentacles for variation, so this is perfect.


  3. That’s a sexy trio of poxies, and like you, I find them, to be an almost perfect canvas for playing with Contrast Paints. You’ve made me want to finish the ones I have barely started that are taking up space on my desk!


    1. Thanks! Definitely get some paint on those walkers, they should be a fairly easy win. I still have three left, but I’ll try to do something a bit different with them (different skin tones or such..), in the spirit of experimenting. I’ve also started to consider getting the Dark Imperium poxwalkers to create a big horde of not-zombies!

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