More Ork Boyz

What?! New finished models already? Somehow I’ve managed to paint a trio of ork boyz in under two weeks! While not exactly lightning speed, and surely not optimal for “getting boyz on the table”, I felt like I was making good progress. Here they are:

As I’ve already said some words about the building, this post is about the painting. The general process was largely the same as with the last two. I think I spent a bit more time on the weathering and especially on the freehand this time around, but hopefully the rest of it went a tad quicker than the first time around as I was more aware of what I should be doing. I was again a bit intimidated about the orange before I started painting it, but in the end it turned out nicely and pretty quickly. I did have to be careful when working on the clothes and other bits so as not to accidentally get paint on the finished orange, but happily I managed without mishaps. And then of course I proceeded to paint on some freehand and chipping! The latter especially is good to fix any mistakes that might’ve happened.

Speaking of freehand, I tried to come up with some other designs besides the classic checkers to mix things up a bit. There’s some triangles, or “dags” I believe, on one of the shoulder pads, and a sort of racing stripe design on one of the helmets. But of course I’m the most proud of the little “evil sun” on the back of one of the shoulder pads! I was actually going to use a decal first, but noticed that the decal would be too big for the pad. I thought: “what the heck, these are orks, doesn’t matter if it’s a bit wonky”, and ended up practicing some more freehanding. Again, it was a bit scary as I wouldn’t be able to get the same orange back, but I knew that I could hide any mistakes with battle damage. Turned out all right I think! And why the Evil Sunz emblem, you might ask? Well, as I’m doing my own color scheme I get to pick and choose! The evil sun might be my favorite, but possible future models might have a bad moon or any other clan logo on them as well, as the designs are pretty cool. Also, being orange, my orks obviously feel the call of speed at least a bit (as well as dakka and bling!).

And that’s it for my boyz, for now! With these lads done, I’ve finished all of the ork boyz from my teenage years. Well, actually I’ve still got one half-finished conversion with which I might do something.. However, while painting these orks I’ve started to seriously consider getting a new box of boyz, or lootas/burnas, just to paint a couple every now and then. Also, some time ago I got myself another bucket list model, the AoBR Warboss, from eBay! So he’ll eventually get painted as well. Just got to build him first, and come up with an appropriate base as well.

Finally, I’m entering these guys to Ann’s April hobby challenge, splendidly titled “Paint the Crap You Already Own”. While I still have the opportunity to go to an FLGS and buy new models (stocks might be low though..), I very much agree with the idea that we should all try to make our backlogs of unpainted models as nonexistent as possible. Keeping that in mind, I’ll try to get a couple more (old) minis finished before April’s through!

18 thoughts on “More Ork Boyz

  1. Beautiful work as always mate – and the brightness of the orange contrasts well with the otherwise earthy and drab tones on the rest of da boyz. Looking forward to seeintg that Warboss eventually, too!


    1. Thanks Az! While I can’t take credit for the orange/skin recipes, there’s no denying the combination is very effective! I’m kinda itching to get to the Warboss as well, but I’ll try to finish a couple of other projects first.. I also have to build a suitable base, and while I have an idea for it, it’ll probably take some doing to get it right.

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  2. They look excellent! I love the chipping on the armour but also their pinkish snouts as well, that’s some smashing work 🙂 grabbing some burnas would be cool, it looks like a fun kit to paint


    1. Thank you very much Steve! Glazing a bit of thinned Carroburg Crimson really helps to bring life to the green skin. And yeah, the burna/loota kit looks fun to paint, and it also seems to have a lot of great bits in it!

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  3. Could I please ask what you used to get that orange?? I’m trying for a similar paint scheme after months of uncertainty and your models are going to be my poster boys haha


    1. Of course, I’m happy to help!
      Credit where credit’s due, I got the original recipe from Tale of Painters, though I modiefied it just a bit. Basically my recipe is:
      -basecoat Jokaero Orange and layer over it with Troll Slayer Orange
      -recess shade with Reikland Fleshshade
      -edge highlight with Fire Dragon Bright
      -glaze over everything with a mix of Bloodletter and Lamenter’s Yellow. These are now OOP, but I think one of the orange Contrast paints would work well, or a thinned down orange ink.

      If/when you paint up some orange orks, I’d love to see your models!


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