Termagant – Experimental Color Scheme

After the Khorne guys from last post I decide to go for another quick project, and one that I painted for my wife. It’s a single Termagant model, originally from the Battle for Macragge box.

Now, my wife isn’t interested in the Warhammer/miniature hobby at all, but on occasion courteously pays attention to what I’m painting. Some time ago she asked if I’d paint her something. “Of course”, I told her, as long as she’d come up with a scheme. I gave her a choice of some models and she picked an old Termagant, or “a tiny dinosaur”. Her thought process started from a Hello Kitty scheme, but as soon as she discovered someone had already stolen her idea (Hive Fleet Leviathan :D), she wanted a python pattern on the carapace.

Ok, something that I probably wouldn’t have tried myself, but as such a great challenge! I looked at some reference photos on Google, and it turns out that there’s quite a lot of different patterns on the snakes. What I ended up painting was more of an impression than a straight up replication. I think the pattern more or less works on the back carapace, but I messed it up on the head. I also don’t know how the scheme would translate for other (bigger) Tyranid models, but as this was a one-off I don’t really have to.

The painting process itself was almost as experimental as the scheme. I used three paints to lay down the base for the skin (Steel Legion Drab, Zandri Dust and Ushabti Bone), and then used washes and drybrushing to define the model further. The carapace bits got a bit more careful approach, with the pattern design and the striations. I used some new paints, or rather inks on this model, too! I recently bought some Daler Rowney FW Acrylic Inks, and I tried them out on this Termagant. I used black on the pattern design, white to highlight and burnt umber to outline some of the carapace panels. While all of them felt like great products, the white definitely takes the cake. I don’t think my pot of White Scar will see much action any more..

So yeah, another fun little project completed and new things were learned! And what did the missus think, I hear you ask? She seemed to like it!

11 thoughts on “Termagant – Experimental Color Scheme

  1. The painting of the pattern on the carapace is really impressive.
    I think having the rest of the model looking plainer/simpler helps the pattern stand out more.
    Great work.

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    1. Thanks a lot Jenn! Yeah, I agree, it’s all about contrast! The (somewhat) funny thing is that at first I was going to make the body lighter than the carapace, but after an Agrax wash, and painting for a bit it ended up the other way around.


  2. Very nice indeed. The subtle streaking on the carapace adds to the differentiation, and obviously the patterning looks great. it’d be a nightmare to replicate across a whole army, but on a single model, fantastic!


    1. Thanks! Yup, doing a whole swarm would probably not go well.. I did say to my wife that she’d have to paint the next ones if she wants to see a whole army of them 😀 (She wasn’t amused)


    1. Thanks! Yes, blogs might not be so popular these days, but they have their perks when compared to videos or short social media posts. And there are still a bunch of great blogs getting regular updates!


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