Revelators Bikers

This project has taken waaay longer than I would’ve thought, but the two bikers I built a month ago are now finished! There’s still one more to build and paint for a complete squad, but I think I’ll paint something else before that..

I’ve got a bit of a confession to make. I don’t find my Revelators power armored marines much fun to paint. All the main colors – gray, yellow and gold – are more or less a struggle to paint. Well, maybe “struggle” is a wrong word, tedious would be more apt. The base paints cover well, but the layer ones are terrible. I very much like the end result, but getting there is mostly dull, very time consuming work, and I feel that I could use that time better on some other model. But I’m kind of locked in with the paint recipe now, and as I’d like to see some kind of a “finished” army at some point, I’ll continue to add a unit every now and then.

And oh yeah, if you see any out of place silver spots (hopefully not) on the models, that’s because the Vallejo Metal Color bottle caps are the worst! For some reason they occasionally leak while shaking them, resulting in a spray of silver droplets all over the place! This time a couple hit my models, of course in a way that required three paints to fix each splotch. I need to remember to cover the caps with a paper towel while shaking the bottles..

It wasn’t all bad, of course! The detailing and light freehand work (check out the “navigator” screens below) were enjoyable, as was the basing and even edge highlighting the gray armor. I’m pretty happy with the chipping as well. The goal was to do a very light application to the bikes only and leave the riders clean, to echo the rest of my Revelators. All in all, again, I think the finished models look great and are a cool addition to my collection, even if there are one or two mistakes on them..

Another great thing is that these bikers also qualify for a couple of hobby challenges: firstly, they’re my submission for Azazel’s Jewel of July-August. I’ll try to paint a quick character or something before the month is over for an additional entry, but yeah, we’ll see how it goes.. Secondly, they count for the vehicle square in the hobby bingo. Heh, I’m really setting up those sweet bingo rows, aren’t I? Hopefully I can actually follow through on at least one of them!

11 thoughts on “Revelators Bikers

  1. Oooooh, bikes, very nice! 🙂 Colours look good and I like the little display screens! I know yellow and gold can be tricky to paint, but I’ve never really had a problem with greys (I use Vallejo Model Color).


    1. Cheers! Grays should be alright to paint in general, I think, but I guess the lighter you go the worse the properties get. Dawnstone is my main color for the scheme and it’s around 3 coats to achieve a solid color. In some larger flat areas I occasionally need even more.. But I guess the worst thing is that I need to try and avoid all the recesses, and the mk7 armor has plenty of those.. Some day I’ll experiment on a more efficient way of painting Revelators, but it won’t be with this army.


    1. Thank you very much Túbal, and welcome to the blog! I also think the result is worth it in the end. After the painting is done the amount of time spent on it is mostly forgotten and you get to admire the finished model!

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  2. They look pretty great to me, and trust me, the “flaws” are your artist’s eye and knowing exactly where the imperfections and bits you’re not 100% satisfied with are – for the rest of us, finding them is a “Where’s Wally?” onthe models. I appreciate the screens on the bikes, too. For whatever reason, I like to do the same with those little details that no-one will probably ever see unless you point them out – but it’s about that personal satisfaction. 🙂


    1. Heh, yeah, here we actually have a case of the photography somehow smoothing the paintjob and hiding some of those nasties! Or then they’re just pretty small..:)

      At least with the bikes the screens are “out in the open”, I don’t know what I’d do with a Rhino or a Land Raider interior these days!


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