New Desk, New Old Job

One of the reasons the bikers didn’t get finished sooner was that I’ve made another update on my hobby area. This time far more substantial than changing my light setup, as I got myself an adjustable/standing desk! Setting it all up took me a good couple of days, mostly on tidying up the cables.

For the most part it’s a big improvement! Being able to adjust the height to fit both working/gaming on the computer (lower down) and painting (higher up) is brilliant. I haven’t yet tried out painting standing up, but there’s certainly enough height even for that. The thinner desktop is also great, as it’s easier to clamp stuff on, and to actually get the chair under it.

Now, just like after my lighting update, unfortunaly I won’t be able to enjoy this setup for a long time. Next week I’m moving back to the other side of the country, to continue in the same job I had last spring, substituting an English teacher. This time there’s couple of hours more per week and the job lasts for the whole school year. Me and the wife are obviously a bit bummed about having to live apart for so long, but the pay and the additional line in my resume left me little choice. Just have to make it work. I don’t yet know how the new job affects my hobby time, but I’ll try to keep up with painting and modeling as much as I can, that’s for sure.

6 thoughts on “New Desk, New Old Job

  1. Nice set up. I’m always impressed by people’s set ups as they often seem to be so neat and orderly whereas I tend to work better in organised chaos haha. Hope the job goes ok and absence makes the heart grow fonder 🤘🏼


    1. Haha, I don’t think my wife would agree with you on the neatness of my desk 😀 I like to have everything I could need roughly at an arm’s reach, but still have space on the desk to.. well, paint and model.

      The move went as well as you could hope and the job has been good so far. And we’ve already booked a little weekend getaway with the missus, so all’s well!

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  2. Such a neat hobby area. A real shame about the two of you needing to be apart for so long, though. When does the school year conclude?


    1. Cheers! It’s a bummer, yeah, but we try to see each other at least once a month in person. And what with all these video chat apps available I’m sure we’ll get through this! My contract ends at the end of May. The school year actually ends a week later, but I don’t really mind that – I get to start my summer holiday early! Especially nice considering I didn’t have one this year..


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