Corvus Cabal Shrike Talon

My Cabal is getting reinforced with another model, as I’ve finished one of the coolest models of 2019! Here’s the Shrike Talon.

As with the Cabalist, I pretty much followed the ‘Eavy Metal color scheme with this model. One of the challenges with the scheme and with this model in particular is the separation of different black elements. Following the painting guide in the assembly instructions booklet (and looking at the studio models), I highlighted the feathers with blue and the hood with brown tones. I’m not sure if the colors still read as blacks, but I’m happy either way! I guess the biggest difference to the studio scheme is that I left out the painted, diamond-shape eyes from the hood. I get why they’re there in the original – to draw attention to the head, but I never liked them that much aesthetically.

I feel some parts of this model were painted a bit sloppily. As I mentioned in the last posts, I haven’t gotten quite as much painting done as I would’ve wanted lately. I noticed that this translated into less accurate painting. After a day or two I seemed to get back to the swing of things though, and the paint started to go where I wanted it to. Last week I made a conscious effort to get back to painting, and decided that I would at least put paint on my brush (if not the model) every day. Every time I did, I ended up painting for at least an hour! Let’s see how long I can keep this up…

Oh yeah, a small PSA: I’ve treated myself to some new electronics which might affect the photos on this here blog. I got a new Pixel 4a phone with that fancy camera software, which hopefully should lead to WIP shots that have much better color accuracy than before. And from the Black Friday sales I bought a new monitor to replace my previous, 10-year-old one. The important bit is that this new one has an IPS panel which is much better with colors than the TN panel in the old monitor. So, chances are that from now on the photos will be a bit less saturated, as I probably over-saturated everything a bit with the old monitor. Shouldn’t be a dramatic change, but just a heads-up if anyone notices it.

13 thoughts on “Corvus Cabal Shrike Talon

    1. I presume you’re talking about the model and not the paintjob? πŸ˜€ In that case, sure, I can see where you’re coming from! I like this big man-bird as he’s somehow so different to most GW models. And it reminds me of the recent Mad Maxes (Fury Road and the video game).


  1. This is great, I actually really think you have hit the it with the slight different shades of black on the feathers / hod.
    And glade to hear you are managing to get a bit more painting done.


  2. Bloody amazing! The model itself is great (and his little buddy has a lot of personality as well!), and you’ve used it masterfully with the restricted palette while picking out the little details and adding the worn highlights to the cloth. “Different shades of black” is something I’ve been working on with a lot of models over the last year, so it’s always inspiring to see how other people pull it off.


    1. Cheers! Yeah, the Cabal has been a fun project with the little restrictions. There’s actually another model joining these two soonish… And speaking of different shades of black, hopefully I’ll add another to my repertoire with a Black Templar model before too long.

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