More Necron Warriors

I had some time to paint during the holidays, and managed to finish five more Necrons. These guys narrowly missed the New Year’s Eve deadline to be counted for last year’s minis, but now they provided a great start for my hobby year 2022!

Not much to say about the painting that I haven’t said in the previous Necron posts. The painting felt quicker than with the last squad, which of course was welcome. When I compared these new ones to the previous squad, the paintjobs are pretty much indistinguishable from each other, apart from the OSL effects. On this new batch the light is brighter, less saturated. I think I had a better idea about what to do now than before, and went a little easier with adding red. I still have ways to go with OSL, but I think I’m going in the right direction.

Hopefully I’ll make short work of the remaining five warriors too, though I’m taking a quick(-ish) detour to work on something else before returning to the robot skellingtons.

Sadly no bingo square with this lot – yet. I’ll claim one when I finish the other half of the squad.

13 thoughts on “More Necron Warriors

      1. Yeah, Terminator movie style bases. Skulls and barbed wire and debris at the feel of skull-faced murder-bots! 🙂


    1. Many thanks Wudugast! Very happy with these guys too. Soon I’ll have to start adapting the scheme to the bigger models in the Indomitus force, hopefully they’ll come out as well as the standard warriors.

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  1. Very nice indeed! 🙂 I’m sure I’d agree with everyone else if I knew what OSL meant (I know it’s the light/glow, but I don’t get out much! It does look very good)! And the good thing about minis just failing to make it into a previous year means you get a good start on the following year!


    1. Thanks! Yeah, kickstarting the hobby year feels good!
      OSL comes from Object Source Lighting, and basically means that there’s a light source modeled on the model (a lamp, flame…) and then “light” (the source and the glow) is painted on the model. Somewhat subtle on my models, but I find that realistic(-ish), as my models are all so far painted as if they’re standing around in daylight.


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