Blood Warriors

Whoops! February went by without a single post. I haven’t been completely idle on the hobby front however, as I’ve managed to finish a project that’s sat on the to-do pile for years. Here are my Khorne Blood Warriors from the AoS starter set!

These guys have been built since 2018, and I laid down some basecoats in 2020, but only now mustered up the courage to properly start and finish painting them. That Chaos trim is notorious for discouraging painters and not without reason! I wouldn’t say it was difficult to paint, just very time-consuming. All together, these five models took around 20 hours of painting time.

The Warriors continue my Khorne army project which started out as a “speedpainting” exercise, though I don’t know if that was ever the right word. “Not-to-the-best-of-my-ability” would probably be more apt. Basically I painted the Reavers to GW’s “battle-ready” standard and the rest of the models more or less “parade-ready”. Heh, I don’t even know if it would be possible to speedpaint the Warriors with all that trim!

So yeah, painting these guys was a bit of a slog. I’m happy enough with the end result, but getting there was a paint-by-numbers affair which got a bit dull at times. Painting the red was probably the most fun, as I tried some very simple volumetric highlighting and subtle gradients. The models would really benefit from from one final highlight on the red (and on black, too), and it wouldn’t have taken much time either. I think I’ll try that with the Lord of Khorne model first and, who knows, maybe I’ll update these models and the rest of the army too.

Speaking of the Lord, it’s the last model from the starter army, which means my Khornates are in the same state as my Stormcasts – only missing the Big Boss. Maybe by the time AoS 4.0 rolls out I’ll be done with the first starter set 😀

My AoS starter set so far

9 thoughts on “Blood Warriors

  1. Very nice. I like the red and gold, though, you’re right it is a lot of trim.
    The bases look ace, bases don’t get enough praise!


    1. Cheers! While I pretty much followed the studio scheme, I tried to cut down on the amount of gold on the models. I managed to leave the collars of two of the models red, and also did the spikes on the “punch weapons” plain steel.

      The bases are important, aren’t they? I also find this basing really pleasing – neutral but somehow more interesting than the default brown dirt and gray rocks. Most importantly, it fits my idea of a Warhammer battleground being an arid wasteland. The recipe for the sand is actually the same as for the bone that LCE liked. Even so, the skulls stand out on the ground due to them being layered whereas the sand is drybrushed.


  2. I’m very impressed that you’ve managed to get the AoS starter set done to your high standard – there’s a lot of paint and work there, and I’ve barely scratched my own. I’m looking forward to seeing what you do next with the AoS stuff! 🙂


    1. Well, there are still the big bosses to do on both factions! And to be frank, the bulk of the Khorne side, the reavers, were just basecoats+washes. But yeah, still a lot of work and they do look impressive as a group!

      As for what’s next with AoS, I’ve mostly got Underworlds warbands to do. But I also have a couple of classic WHFB characters, they might jump the queue!

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      1. They certainly look a lot more impressive than basecoat+wash, but then I guess that speaks to the level of your talent on the other parts of the model that elevates them so. I’m certainly looking forward to seeing your next AoS models, but then again, so am I with your 40k ones, too!


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