Even More Ork Boyz

Appropriately for Orktober, I’ve painted the two Boyz I showed last spring.

Both of them have minor conversions, but since I’ve talked about them previously, I won’t be repeating myself (too much). On to the painting then! Well, not much to say about that either, as I tried to follow my orange color scheme and make these two models look like the rest of the Boyz. As with my Space Marine Bikers, there’s a bit of difference between old and new models. With the Orks it’s mostly in weathering and skin, which comes from developments in my brush control or painting habits. In some ways I like the old models a tiny bit more, but recognize that this is nitpicking and the newcomers fit right in with the old Boyz.

Nitpicking aside, I found painting these two models a lot of fun! It felt quick and I really like the results. Painting the metallics was satisfying as they all started out as (drybrushed) silver, and then I just slapped on some Contrast paints for the brass (Nazdreg Yellow) and copper (Guilliman Flesh). The helmet with the visor came out really nicely, and I almost forgot it isn’t a stock part. Likewise, I liked how the hat came out, and I got more practice on painting simple freehand.

Kinda want to build a few more now… And I’m only three Boyz short of a full “mob”! Realistically speaking though, as I most likely won’t be spray priming any new models before next spring, there probably won’t be new Orks from me before next Orktober 🙂


11 thoughts on “Even More Ork Boyz

  1. The wavy line symbols and orange color immediately made me think of Charlie Brown, lol! Great job on these, I like the orange and the green skin. I didn’t know that you could paint over silver with Contrast and get different colored metals. Will have to give that a go sometime. I’m bummed to hear there won’t be more of these till next year though! You’ve got a great looking crew started!


    1. Haha, Charlie Brown eh? In my head I was thinking of some Indian people (Inkas or Mayas or something), but alright! 😀 The Contrast over metallics works pretty well, as Contrast paints have a somewhat glossy finish, so they keep the metallic look better than Shade paints, for example. And yeah, to be honest I’m a bit bummed too about not getting to paint more Orks anytime soon.. But, I’ll just get excited about the next project (there’re lots of those…), and it’ll be priming season again in no time!

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    1. Thanks! My thinking exactly: different kinds of contrast and lots of it makes models pop. Orange vs green, saturated vs muted, smooth(ish skin) vs rough (cloth, leather). The dark vs light is a bit lacking here, but that’s fine.


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