Necron Royal Warden; Cryptothralls, Plasmacyte

No models to continue the green theme, but I could continue with the orange! I decided to go back to my Necrons and see if I still remembered how to paint them. After a couple weeks of leisurely painting, I’ve got four new models to put in my cabinet!

All were painted pretty much the same way; only the Royal Warden getting a bit of an additional accent. As he’s some kind of a character, I wanted him to have something to set him apart from the Warriors, but not so much that it would get distracting. I decided to paint the stripe on his helmet and the “necklace” in gold. It’s pretty subtle, but I think it kind of works. Speaking of subtle, I painted a few of the coffin-shaped tiles on his flappy bits cream to break up the metal. See if you can spot them! 🙂 I also thought about painting one of his gun hoses orange, but in the end decided against it as I didn’t feel like wrestling with the orange color any more than I already was. Maybe I’ll go back to change the color some day, but for now it’s good.

The Cryptothralls were pretty fun models to paint, up until the big power globes. Trying to avoid all the finished parts around the globe wasn’t enjoyable, but it went surprisingly well. The globes ended up too orange (not light enough) to really read as glowing, but didn’t really want to retry painting them. The eyes on the other hand I’m pretty happy with.

Finally, the cute little Plasmacyte. Paint scheme-wise, pretty much identical to the ‘thralls, only the power globes are really visible here. Easier to paint but a shame that I didn’t get the tone right… Both the Plasmacyte’s and the Cryptothralls’ paint sheme differ a bit from the basic Warriors in that the Warriors have their rib cages painted cream and the shoulder plates in silver. As these models don’t really have rib cages, I painted the shoulder plates/carapaces in cream instead. To further break up the silver, I painted some bits with black Contrast paint.

I’ll use the Cryptothralls to claim another square on the bingo card: “add scenic bases to a unit”. Two models are not much of a unit, but it still counts. And of course, I’ve done this type of base for each of the models in the army, so it’s about time for an “achievement” 😀


12 thoughts on “Necron Royal Warden; Cryptothralls, Plasmacyte

    1. Many thanks! Heh, the other day I was looking at my display cabinet and noticed that my 40k shelf is mostly orange (Necrons, Orks and Poxwalkers). I guess I like orange as well!

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  1. The orange accents are really nice as is the OSL! I’m used to seeing blue glow effects on most GW models, but I think I really like that orange even better.


    1. Cheers! Yeah, orange (or colors other than blue) are not so common, but they’re popping up here and there. Back in the day (40k 3rd ed era) I remember all the plasma weapon coils were green, though I don’t think there were any glow effects..

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    1. Thank you very much! I like the bases as well. Unfortunately I had a bit of a mishap with these… With the Necrons I’m painting the bases first, and when I then too quickly and carelessly painted the silver basecoats, I got a lot of tiny silver paint flecks on the bases. I tried to fix them up a bit, but of course there’s still some left. Shouldn’t be visible on the photos at least, but still something to be mindful in the future..

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      1. Yeah, I do the bases last on pretty much all my other models, and purposefully drybrush the feet/legs a bit too integrate the model with its base. I don’t really know why I do it the other way around with the Necrons, especially as I then have to drybrush the feet afterwards.. I probably had a good reason for it, but I might have to reconsider the order with some future models.

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  2. Fantastic work yet again – I love the combination of the scratched and rough-ed up armour along with the really nice OSL and glow of the orange eyes, lights and power sources. Sublime!


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