From the Archives: Blood Reavers

I’ve made good progress on the pair of Skaven during the weekend, but as I couldn’t quite get them finished, it’s time for another post about old models. Here are my Blood Reavers from the AoS 1.0 starter set.

These guys were a bit of a departure from my normal painting. I didn’t want to spend half a year painting them, so I decided to try a “speed painting” technique. More of a “leaving models half-painted” technique, but nonetheless. I took an article in WD Jan 2017 as a starting point and made a couple of alterations to the palette. Basically the models are painted with just basecoats and washes, with the flesh additionally drybrushed after washing. I wanted a bit of variation on my horde though, so I chose a couple of different colors for the flesh, cloth, straps and furs, applying different combinations to each warrior.

As I kind of touched on, in a way I consider these to be WIP models. I think they look good, especially as a group, but they have been painted in a way that allows me to easily continue the painting with highlighting and other refinements. The ability to continue working on these models, however unlikely, is the reason that I haven’t put on any blood effects or tufts. I have however painted the base rims, which more than anything helps to give the impression of finished figures.

The rest of the Chaos models from the box will be getting a bit more involved paint job, as there are less models. I’ve already painted the Khorgorath (to be featured), so there’s “only” the Blood Warriors and the characters left to paint. Shouldn’t be more than a month or two’s worth of painting, but as you know there’s always some other, more enticing project to steal your attention 😀

9 thoughts on “From the Archives: Blood Reavers

  1. Looking good, and an effective way to get models to the point of “table-ready”-painted, while keeping them easily in range of going back to finish to your final satisfaction.


    1. Thanks! Even though I don’t see myself going back to them anytime soon, it is true that the most time consuming part (basecoating) is now done. So it shouldn’t take too long to apply some highlights and a bit of layering, right? Right..?

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    1. Thanks man! I wanted to get all of them done at once, so that I wouldn’t get frustrated many times from painting duplicate sculpts / samey color scheme. Still took me a month though..
      I remember seeing and following your progress. Even if it took a long time to get the figs painted, you did a lot more with them than I. And your Khorne army is looking much, much better, so time well spent!

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