Silverlions Liberators

Azazel‘s February hobby challenge is dedicated to neglected models, which I’m sure we all have plenty of. I decided to dive back to my Age of Sigmar starter set (the first one) and get at least the ten Liberators done. That would mean that I have all the line infantry and the Khorgorath done, leaving “only” the elites and the characters. Here’s the first half of the Liberators done.


I wanted to use the same color scheme that I used for my SCE Shadespire warband. It’s called “Silverlions” and was created originally by Thilo Engels, aka Banzai1000. I really like the look and and it’s pretty fast to paint too. I wanted to paint to these up quickly, but still I ended up doing pretty much every step that I took with Steelheart’s Champions, except that I didn’t highlight black and was a bit more lenient towards mistakes.


Comparing the Liberator Prime to Severin Steelheart, the results are pretty close to each other. I maybe could have done another appliaction of thinned Druchii Violet, but there’s a hint of color and I think it’s enough. And to think it took me a month to paint the Champions (three models) and these five guys were painted in a week..


The red on the cloak/skirt/whatever was the only thing that I couldn’t color match, and it ended up brighter than on Steelheart. I tried layering with Wazdakka Red, but as that didn’t look right I changed it to Mephiston Red. I think I like this more though, so I don’t mind.


The five remaining Liberators are on the pipeline next. The steel armor and the black bits are already done, as I did those at the same time for all ten, so they’re pretty much half-way there.


13 thoughts on “Silverlions Liberators

  1. These are just brilliant! That is just how I think of steel and it brought to mind suits of armour seen in castles and museums. And I like the red and the subtle differences between each figure. Well done! ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Love the look of bright red on Iron. The subtle touches of purple in there also work very nicely. When you get time, I’d love to see them alongside your originals – and you must have so many photos of your pre-blog minis as well just crying out to be posted here!

    I still haven’t painted a single Stormcast – the problem is that I really love their gold/blue “box art” scheme, but then I may as well just be painting Ultramarines..


    1. Cheers Azazel! If by the originals you mean the Shadespire team that I painted in the same colors, Severin Steelheart in the last two photos is one of the three models that I painted roughly a year ago. As for the pre-blog models, I’ve planned to write blog entries on those if/when I don’t have anything new completed for a weekly-ish post. If you’re feeling impatient though, I have a thread on dakka ( which has all of the minis I’ve done since coming back to the hobby, and WIP updates too.

      Wouldn’t the box art SCE be more like Celestial Lions than Ultramarines though? ๐Ÿ˜€ Jk, jk, I know what you mean. I’ve got a slight aversion to box arts as well, but if it’s really cool and I can’t come up with/find a better scheme, I’ll go with the box art.

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      1. Yep – the originals being your Shadespire models. It’s okay about that combined photo though – I have a plan… You’ve got some lovely stuff on Dakka (I’ll check it out fully after I finish tonight’s post-WIP-building. I sadly had to abandon my P&M Blog thread there when maintaining both it and the WordPress started to take up WAY too much time, and with more feedback for me here, I had to let Dakka go.
        They are VERY Celestial Lions, aren’t they? Which reminds me – I need to get some more of those guys painted as well this year! In fact, you’ve just given me a great idea for them…


      2. Don’t know what you mean by the plan, but maybe I’m not meant to.. ๐Ÿ™‚
        I’ve seen some of your posts on Dakka, and but not recently, so came to the conclusion that you’ve concentrated on your blog. At some point in the future it might be the same for me, but currently I’m keeping the Dakka thread as a WIP and showcase thing, and my blog as showcase only, so it’s not only copy-paste.
        Silver Lions in seremonial armor? ๐Ÿ˜€ The Liberator Primes would have great parts for that! Whatever you’re planning, I look forward to seeing.


    1. Cheers! Severin was actually painted a bit more than a year ago, and was one of my first finished minis (after the comeback). I painted a face last night using the same recipe (sans the red lip, which came out a bit too strong on Severin), and I think I did a bit better.

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