Silverlions Retributors

It took me a lot longer than expected, but I’ve got some new models to show: the three Retributors from the AoS starter set! A side effect of taking so long with these is that they totally qualify for Azazel’s Neglected Model June challenge, so that’s nice!

I started working on these right after the Space Marine Captain, and they were supposed to be an “easy win”, quickly getting multiple models done after painting single models for a couple of months. Two-three days, tops! That turned into two-three weeks, but that’s how it goes sometimes. For some reason I wasn’t really feeling these models, and I don’t really know why.

The painting was the same as with the previous Silvelions, so nothing special there. I’ll note that I used a different, finer sand for the basing than what I usually use. I think it’s too fine for my taste, and in hindsight I should’ve added at least some coarser sand in there. Fortunately the tufts and other bits do a passable job of hiding the flatness of the big bases.

For the next project I think I’ll go for something more organic. I’ve been painting so much armor lately that I feel I need some cloth in my painting queue. The 40k Skaven would fit the bill perfectly, so I’ll probably get on to those. I might also paint something else for Azazel’s challenge, but we’ll see if I have time.

6 thoughts on “Silverlions Retributors

    1. Cheers! Yeah, the metallics seem to end up looking pretty good, but I’ve noticed that I don’t really like painting with them. The GW Base paints are okay, but the Layers are for the most part horrible. I should probably try another brand in the future, but GW paint being locally available, and having invested quite a lot of money in them, changing would be a hassle.. Maybe when the current paints run out..


  1. I know how you feel with easy wins that end up dragging out – the good thing at least is that these Retributors look fantastic in their finished form.
    With the paints, I’d recommend picking up a set of Vallejo Model Air metallics, and just mixing and matching between those and the GW ones (the model air metallics are so smooth and beautiful to use with a brush). There’s no point ditching what you already own (I’ve seen people do that, and it’s a head-scratcher) but adding in more options is always good.. 🙂


    1. Much appreciated! Might have to look into those VMA metallics, I’ve heard good things. And I totally agree with you, no reason to toss paint pots if there’s still liquid inside!


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